My Computers

I got my first computer while I was in the fourth grade.  I still have it, although it is EXTREMELY inferior to current technologies.  It is a 486 with 12 MB of RAM, a 400 MB HD, and a 13" monitor!  My family still uses that one for games such as FreeCell and JezzBall.

The next computer that I had was one that was build by one of my local computer contacts.  It wasn't very good compared to current-day technologies either, but it was better than the old Compaq.  It was a Pentium 60 with a 1.2 GIG HD.   I had that up until about September of 1997.

Now, I am the owner of a custom build computer constructed by me with computer parts mainly bought off of auctions.  It is a Penium 233 MMX with a 4.3 GIG HD.  It's pretty nice; I'm working on some programming work right now that might buy me a Penium II 400 Mhz computer by the end of the summer (seperate from the Pentium 233; I'll network the two.)  I'm also planning on buying a CD-R soon and I can't wait!

This next school year, my sister will be going to college and I get to move into her room (my brother and I share rooms right now)!  I can't wait!   When I do, I'm going to buy another computer and set up a network domain (I got a free copy of Windows NT Server 4.0 at a computer event and I got Windows NT Workstation 4.0 for free when I bought Microsoft Visual Basic Professional Edition 5.0).  I just can't wait!

I said this a few weeks ago:

I'm currently looking for a job to do over the summer.  I want one that will enable me to work via my computer at home.  I'm looking for someone to hire me in just about any possition as long as I get paid at least $20/hour and if they will pay for certification costs (most do), that'll be a big plus too.  You may think that $20/hour is a bit much, but take a look at my resume and if you know much about the computer industry, you should see that that's not very much.  Also, I wouldn't mind having them pay for an ISDN line :-)


I got offered a job working in San Antonio for $15/hour.  You won't believe this, but it was working for BG Systems in which the US Air Force contracts it's computer work out to.  I would be working on the computer software to be put in the cockpit of the F-15, B-1, B-2, B-2a, and all of the new Lockheed Martin stuff!  I was amazed when I was offered that job, but there was a problem: I had to work IN San Antonio because it's classified stuff, I couldn't work out of home :(.   Because of this, I couldn't do it :(


My Education

I first started to learn about computers in first grade.  The logic of them (that's one of the things I like most about them and programming, the logic) came more naturally to me than the other students.  Probably because of my intrest in electronics.  I had been and still do play with electronics quite often.  I've put an IR link from one side of the wall to the other in our hall so that if someone's approaching my room a buzzer goes off, and other things like that.

As I said above, I got my first computer in the fourth grade (I think that was in 1994).  That's when my learning increased by about 1000%, which still wasn't a whole lot from the little I knew then.  I got extremely familiar with the Windows 3.1 GUI (Graphical User Interface), but didn't do any programming of any kind except word process and things like that.

The next jump in the rate at which I learned was probably when I got the Supporting Microsoft Windows 95 books.  They costed $200 (my grandparents paid for it) and were the Self-Paced Training Material for the Windows 95 certification exam.   In fact, I got them before I even got Windows 95!  Anyway, I got Windows 95 that December and with that combination, that's how I learned so much about Windows 95.   I know all about how it works and everything.  It is quite intresting how they gave full 32-bit application support but still gave the compatiblity for old programs.

My next jump in education is the biggest one for me yet: The Internet!   After I got it, it openned up a whole new world for me!  I started learning very quickly and soon used an ActiveX control in one of my web pages and qualified for SBN Level 2.  The SBN (Site Builder Network) has always been a valuable resource for me.   You can post the most complex questions up on their newsgroup and still get a reply with a good answer!  In addition, I've gotten all of my technological contacts on the Internet from SBN!

Since the first time I placed my hands on a keyboard, I have been learning.  I think that I'll be learning as long as I live too.  There's not one person on earth who knows everything there is to know about computers.

Anyway, since then, my learning has been fast-paced.  I've learned VB (Visual Basic, programming language), DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, VBScript (obviously), etc., etc., etc.

I'm always learning though.

My Plans

What do I plan to do in the future?  Well, I have somewhat of an idea.  Well, let's first start out talking about the near future.  This summer, like I said, I plan to work for someone as a programmer, computer consoltant, network administrator, or something to that effect. I plan to do the same thing until I turn 16 (I'm 13 years old now).  When I turn 16, if I have enough money and enough skills, I may like just take the GED exam or something like that and get my high school diploma.   When I do that, I may go to work for Microsoft, or I may just work around the Dallas, TX area for a big company and live with my parents.  In addition, I might start my own company.  Of course, if I am working for Microsoft, I'll probably just keep working for them for the rest of my life.  I've really given it a lot of thought, and there are too many variables and possibilites of what could happen for me to write about them all.  So, I'll just leave you with what I've said.


Well, I can't think of something else that I should write about, but if you have a question or anything like that, feel free to contact me.




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